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FAQs - For Restaurateurs

Click on the top menu item Add Your Restaurant and select Register Today!

Fill in the form with your information, selecting a package. Click on the Online Via PayPal button (This let's you use your PayPal account or easy credit card options through the Paypal gateway).  You can also pay by check by putting in the requested information.

Please make sure to read and click on the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (the 'ol fine print) and Submit.

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal

We offer 3 subscriptions, which include tax, and payable in advance via credit card, PayPal or check:

#1    $200 for 6 months (no ads) Restaurant listing only.

#2    $474 for 6 months (that's only $79/month!)

        Includes Restaurant listing and 12 ads/coupons in a 180-day period

#3   $672 for 12 months (that's only $56/month!)

        Includes Restaurant listing and 24 ads/coupons in a 360 day period

With each subscription, DINENM.COM will produce your Restaurant Profile (on the Restaurants page).  With #2 and #3 we will put up your first 2 ads at no extra charge

Go to the Add Your Restaurant tab, drop down to the Register Today to find the best package for you. 

Our on-site Tutorial will guide you through the steps for you to post additional ads. Ads/Coupons can be Deals, Specials or Events.  After you have purchased a Term package (subscription), go to the Add Your Restaurant tab, then scroll down to Tutorial.  We suggest printing it out and keeping it handy for future use while you post your new ads.

If you have any questions, please email us by Clicking here or Click here to use our contact form.

A term is the period of time that you have paid for (6 months or 12 months).  If you sign up, for instance, on the 15th of a month, your anniversary date is 180 or 360 days later.  


Yes, just put in a new expiration date. (Make sure your Term is active.) 

To do so, click ADD YOUR RESTAURANT at the top of the page and then click Login/Logout.

Once in, go to the green tab "Coupons in Your Restaurant"

Click on the appropriate coupon, which will take you to another screen with that coupon's details.  Scroll down to Finish Publishing and change the date.

Then click on Save & Close in the top left corner.

With either a 6-month or 12-month package, you can put up to 3 ads at any one time (or ask us to do it for you), changing them as you wish.

With the 6-month package, you can advertise up to 12 Deals, Specials or Events within the 180 day period. 

With the 12-month package, you can advertise up to 24 Deals, Specials or Events in a 180 day period.

Too many deals at one time may confuse the waitstaff.  We strongly suggest that you let them know what deals are "active" and the appropriate code (e.g. DineNM01) if you track redemption.  We also can put in QR codes for you for each Deal.

On each ad, your Restaurant Name, address, city/state/zip and phone number will automatically populate the space just below the ad's picture and the phone number will auto dial.  Click on your restaurant's name and your web site will open in another window.

Yes, you can list it for as long as your Term is current.  (e.g. if you are on a 6 month plan, you can only list such a deal for every Tuesday and Friday in that 180 day period).

Yes, you will be sent an email 10 days prior to the expiration of your term. Then you will have 5 days to cancel if you choose by emailing us. Click here to E-mail Us or Click here to use our contact form.

If you paid by credit card, your term last purchased (6 mo. or 12 mo.) will auto-renew for you.

If you paid by check, your subscription will cease unless you contact us or we contact you to make further arrangements. 

Yes, but only if you paid by credit card -- unless you cancel at least 5 days prior to your present term’s expiration.

No, the low cost is for an uninterrupted period of time no matter how few or many deals you post.

No, deals, specials & events fall off upon the expiration date that you set.   

However, if you don't have any current Deals, Specials or Events to advertise, your restaurant information will remain under RESTAURANTS with no coupons.

Advertise your patio opening or upcoming Events to keep your restaurant out there for people to see! 

Yes, we would be glad to help!  Give us a call at (505) 550-5052 (Mary Ford, Owner).  If we can’t resolve your issue over the phone, one of our team would be glad to visit with you in your restaurant.

What we will do is provide a hotlink your website's Locations page. Ads on would have to be accepted at all of your locations.  (If you want different ads for each location, then a separate package would be required.)

Please note that if you are an owner of multiple restaurants with different names, each named restaurant will require a separate package. Contact us if you have any questions at (505) 550-5052.

You can only list the location(s) that you own.  However, if you and the other owners of the other sites agree, you may list all the locations on the same “deal” with a hotlink to your web site's LOCATIONS page.