Advertise on DineNM.com

How do I Join?

Call Mary Ford, Owner of DineNM.com at (505) 550-5052 or email: mary@dinenm.com

  1. Advertising that is reaching over 10,000/week on our web site for your Deals, Specials & Events!Easy for diners.
  2. Postings on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/savewithdinenm
  3. Boosted posts on our Facebook page for each ad ($10 - $15/ad, which we pay!)
  4. Postings on our Facebook page highlighting your pictures from your web site or FB page.
  5. Postings on our Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest pages.
  6. You keep all the money we generate for you – no accounting needed!
  7. Each ad that you post on DineNM.com will keep track of how many people Redeemed the Deal, or who wanted a REMIND ME email for each Special, and/or who wanted a reminder email 24-hours prior to your Event.
  8. If you wish to participate in our very popular CONTESTS, just give us a gift certificate for any amount you wish (usually $40 - $50). We will post the Contest on our Facebook page, boost the post and pick the winner from all that LIKE and SHARE our post.
  9. You will get new customers who want to try “something different”, see your great pictures and come in for your Deal, Special or Event! Your current customers will see what is happening at your restaurant.
  10. You can post your new ads, turn off old ones, update the expiration date(s) and your restaurant information from your Smartphone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop!
  11. No printed coupons necessary! “Just Show Your Smartphone”™

What can I advertise?

  1. DEALS – Give people an enticement to come to your restaurant! You name the Deal.
  2. SPECIALS – Advertise a breakfast, lunch and/or dinner Special at the price you want. Also advertise: patio openings, Reserve our Banquet Room, etc.
  3. EVENTS – Holiday dinners, Wine tastings, new location opening? Beer dinner? Advertise it!

What does it cost?

We offer 2 terms, which are payable in advance with a credit card or check.

  1. $499 for 6 months plus tax ($536.43) which Includes Restaurant listing and unlimited ads in a 182-day period. (That’s only $2.94/day!) OR BETTER YET:
  2. $699 for 12 months plus tax ($751.43) which Includes Restaurant listing and unlimited ads in a 365-day period. (That’s only $2.06/day!)

Because of our low price, Terms are payable in advance and cannot be cancelled. Send your check to DineNM, PO Box 7968, Albuquerque, NM 87194. Call (505) 550-5052 with your credit card payment. Your restaurant listing will be up on our site within 24 hours!

What is a term?

A term is the period of time that you have paid for (6 months or 12 months).  If you sign up, for instance, on the 15th of a month, your anniversary date is 182 or 365 days later.


Will I be notified automatically prior to the expiration of my term?

Yes, you will be sent an email 10 days prior to the expiration of your term. Your term will cease, as will your ads, unless you contact us or we contact you to make further arrangements. 

Can I reactivate coupons after they have expired?

Yes, just put in a new expiration date -- if your Term is still active.  You can also de-activate ads (for instance, “Enjoy our Patio” during the winter months).

How many ads can I put up at one time?

With either a 6-month or 12-month package, you can put up to 4 “active” ads at any one time, changing them as you wish. We strongly suggest that you let the wait staff know what deals are "active. (If an ad is not “active”, it doesn’t count towards the 4-at- a-time limit.

If I sign up for 6 or 12 months, can I skip a month and add a month at the end of the term?

No, our low cost is for an uninterrupted period of time, no matter how few or many ads you post.

If my ad has expired, will it remain on the web site

No, Deals, Specials & Events fall off upon the expiration date that you set.   

Can I limit the number of times that a customer can redeem a DEAL?

Yes! Each diner’s email address is limited to one redemption and a unique code will be sent to the customer to show to the server to get the DEAL. Specials and Events, which are at regular price, allow for any number of redemptions.

If I am technologically challenged or am having difficulty, where do I go for help?

See our Tutorial at the bottom of the HOME page or call us at (505) 550-5052 (Mary Ford, Owner).

If I have more than one restaurant location, can I list them?

Yes, you can list them individually and each location can have different Deals, Specials or Events! Just click on NEW LOCATION on the ALL OFFERS page and put in each location. However, if you own multiple restaurants with different names, each named restaurant will require a separate package. Contact us if you have any questions at (505) 550-5052.

What if I own a restaurant that is part of a group, like a franchise?

We only allow locally owned restaurants, no regional or national chains. If your group is New Mexico owned, then you would only be able to advertise that specific restaurant that you “own”, unless the group wants to advertise all of their locations (under only one Term!) and can do so with different ads specific to specific locations. Ads may read: “Valid at all Locations!”.